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We're showcasing all that Hawaii has to offer right here. Make this web site your springboard for jumping into the Cities and Lifestyles that make up our paradise!

Visit Hawaii Online offers helpful information for both visitors and residents. You'll find information about Hawaii accommodations, from boutique hotels to historic inns; Hawaii attractions and activities that will satisfy water sports enthusiasts, sun worshipers, golfers and eco tourists. Hawaii dining offers fresh seafood and restaurants often have great waterfront views. So, take a look at Visit Hawaii Online - enjoy your visit!

Featured Hawaii Travel Articles

Mother Nature threw everything into the mix when creating Hawaii Island -fiery craters, snowy summits, buff beaches. Measuring 4,000 square miles, (nearly ten times L.A.) she gave it the tallest mountain, largest volcano, and all but two climate zones. Seafaring Captain Cook, and volcano goddess, Pele were mesmerized by her makings...read more »

Once you decide to vacation in Hawaii, you may have to choose which one of the many islands to stay on. The Big Island is the youngest of all the islands in Hawaii. Kilauea Volcano is still active increasing the land mass of this island.

The Big Island offers many different environments for vacationers to experience. Lush tropical rain forests ring the edges of snow capped mountains while the Kau Desert in Volcano National Park remains due to the northeast trade winds the keep this desert lifeless. The black sand beach of Punalu'u is one of the rarest natural wonders and a must see for any traveler.

Waipio Valley, nestled along the northeastern coast is referred to as the "Valley of Kings" by the locals. Modern highways span most of this area providing visitors with the ability to tour the area at a leisurely pace. Hiking trails and horseback riding trails are interspersed along the one mile long, five mile wide area. Waterfalls that appear to begin in the clouds plunge into pools of still water where visitors can stop and appreciate the pristine beauty of these natural wonders.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park features accommodations within the park. Many visitors find there are too many things to see and do in just one day. Three volcanoes, two of which are visible the third is under the ocean provide you with a glimpse into the power of nature...read more »

What springs to mind when you think of Hawaii? Relaxing beaches, rolling surf, revitalizing spas? Without a doubt, they're all great forms of tropical R&R. But what about riding the range? Sprawled out between the Hawaii Island's lava Kohala Coast and her moisture-laden Hamakua shores are lush rolling hills that lure many a cowboy (and girl). And today, they're mesmerizing me...read more »


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